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Site operators

site operator

The legal person that operates a Lino site.

The site operator owns the data stored on that site and is responsible for protecting that data against privacy issues.

The site operator designates a hosting provider, a server administrator and eventually an application developer and can reassign these responsibilities at any time to another service provider.

The site operator is responsible for granting and revoking of access rights to end users as well as their training and support.

Provides the following human resources either in-house or via a third-party service provider:

site user

A human who has a user account on a given Lino site.

end user

A site user who uses a Lino site for actually working. This is in contrast to a site manager who manages those who work.

key user

An experienced end user who knows how to use a given part of the application, who can explain this to their colleagues and who can give basic end-user support. If needed, submits support requests to the site expert.

site manager

Manages a Lino site via its web interface.

The site manager manages accounts and access permissions to the end users, can change site-wide configuration settings and has full access to all functions provided via the web interface.

Don’t mix up site manager with system administrator, server administrator or hosting provider.

system administrator

Manages the IT system of a site operator. Installs, configures and maintains client devices and software as required.

release manager

The contact person between the site operator and the server administrator.

Coordinates the activities before and after a site upgrade.

site expert

The contact person between the site operator and the service providers involved with the Lino site.

Responds to end-user support requests reported by key users.

Communicates as needed with the hosting provider and the application developer.

Formulates and explains the requirements of the site operator regarding the Lino application.

Introduces expert support requests to the application developer and answers to callback questions.

Communicates with the end users in order to analyse their needs, and then explains to the application developer how to make or improve the application.

Organizes training for key users.