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Solution providers

solution provider

A service provider who is able to provide all the services needed by a site operator.

A solution provider usually connects with other service providers, but for the site operator he is the sole service vendor and legally responsible person.


The service of helping somebody with using a given system.

Support –unlike research– is always a response to a concrete support request.

Can be done professionally by a support provider.

support provider

A service provider who provides support to their customer.

A support provider, a side effect, usually also publishes and maintains documentation.

support request

A request for help submitted by a customer to a support provider.

end-user support

Basic first-level support to end users.

The support provider is always available when end users need them. Forwards the request other actors if they cannot help directly.

end-user training

A service that comprises publishing of training material and/or organizing training sessions for end users.