The members of the Lino community can be categorized into different types of business partners, each having their own set of motivations, skills and responsibilities.

Service provider

A juridical or natural person who sells services to another community member.

Development provider

A service provider who provides developer services to their customers in order to help them with using a given software product. See Development providers.

System administrator

Manages the general IT system of a site operator. Installs, configures and maintains client devices as required.

Release manager

The contact person between the site operator and the site maintainer.

Coordinates the activities before and after a site upgrade.

Site expert

The contact person between the site operator and the service providers involved with the Lino site.

Responds to support requests reported by key users.

server provider application carrier application programmer.

Formulates and explains the requirements of the site operator regarding the Lino application.

Introduces expert support requests to the application carrier and answers to callback questions.

Collaborates with the users in order to analyse their needs, and then explains to the application carrier how to make or improve the application.

Organizes training for key users.

Lino consultant

Knows the possibilities and limitations of the Lino framework and gives neutral advice about whether or not to choose Lino as a solution. Helps you with analyzing and formulating your needs and finding the right business partners who will implement a solution.


A physical person who develops a given software product.

A developer can act independently as a development provider, or work for a legal person acting as development provider.


A physical person who writes, publishes, maintains and optimizes source files of a source repository according to the requirements of a development provider.

Software engineer

A person who is not a developer but is part of a developer team.

Core developer

A developer who works for the core team.

Core team

The team responsible for developing and maintaining the Lino framework. Provides developer support to application programmers.