Lino actors

The members of the Lino community can be categorized into different types of business partners, each having their own set of motivations, skills and responsibilities.

service provider

A legal or natural person who sells services to a customer.

Lino consultant

Knows the possibilities and limitations of the Lino framework and gives neutral advice about whether or not to choose Lino as a solution. Helps you with analyzing and formulating your needs and finding the right business partners who will implement a solution.


A natural person who develops a given software product.

A developer writes, publishes, maintains and optimizes source files of a source repository.

A developer can act independently as a development provider, or work for a legal person assuming this role.

software engineer

A natural person who is not a developer but an active member of a developer team.

application developer

A developer who writes and maintains the source code of a given application according to the requirements of the application carrier and in response to support requests introduced by application experts or site experts.

Writes and maintains technical documentation and a test suite for the application.

Writes release notes for site experts.

You act as a developer for yourself, for your customer or for your employer. You maybe do this as an independent professional and

contributing developer

An application developer who contribute to the Lino framework by testing general framework features, discussing changes and new features, submitting pull requests, …