Hosting providers

As a Lino hosting provider you assume the following responsibilities:

  • You set up a virtual machine running with a virgin Debian operating system and grant SSH access to a site maintainer.

  • You care about registering a domain name and SSH certificates if the customer needs it.

  • You care about security and protect the server against hackers

  • You make backups of the server to make sure it doesn’t get lost in case of a serious accident.

  • You care about scaling. When a customer’s site grows, they might want to move to a bigger machine.

  • You care about reliability and make sure that the Lino site is always available to respond when your customer needs it.

  • You help end users with problems caused by issues with the server or its connection.

If you are able to provide these services, you should ask for being listed in our directory of recommended Lino hosting providers.

server provider

A hosting provider who does server hosting.

Installs and maintains virgin Linux servers to be used for running Lino sites.

Is responsible for root actions, backups, reliable functioning, granting access to the server and protecting it against unauthorized access.

Creates one or several SSH user accounts with sudo privileges to be used by the server administrator. Grants access to the server via SSH.

Makes the sites on the server available to end users via public or local network.

server operator

Operates a given Lino server.

Takes care for the reliable operation of the sites on a given server.

release notes

A document which describes the changes introduced by a new version of an application.

data migration

The work of adapting the data of a Lino site when upgrading the application software.

end-user testing

The part of testing which can be delegated to selected end users.

server administrator

Installs and maintains the system software on a given Lino server.

Takes care of the maintenance and security of the server. Plans and executes software updates and data migrations.

Communicates with the site maintainers who use the server.