Lino needs volunteer contributors

The Lino Software Foundation organizes mentoring and internships for volunteers who want to contribute to the Lino project.

Lino is not only for developers. There is plenty of work in many academic fields:

  • Industrial engineering (Industrieingenieur / Ingénieur industriel)

  • Business administration (Betriebswirtschaft / Gestion d’entreprise)

  • Analyst/Programmer (Anwendungsentwickler / Analyste-Programmeur)

  • Project management (Projektverwaltung / Gestion de projet)

Suggested projects

For a future application or contributing developer.

  • Developing a customized business application using the Lino framework. From your first contact to your long-term maintenance SLA.

  • Synchronizing contacts and calendar data with social media platforms

For a future support provider

  • Providing professional end-user support for customized business applications developed using the Lino framework

  • Authoring documentation about a Lino application using the Sphinx documentation system

For a future product manager and Lino consultant

  • Advantages and challenges of a customized business application

  • Advantages and challenges of using Free Open Source Software for developing customized business applications

  • Advantages and challenges of the Lino framework compared to similar frameworks

For a future manager of the Lino Software Association

  • Using Open Source Software tools for project management and time tracking

  • Founding a sustainable non-profit association that sells professional support for Free Open Source Software

Remote mentoring

As a first step you should get your development environment set up as described in the first section of the Developer’s Guide.

If feel comfortable with the idea of becoming a application or contributing developer, please write us a free-form application for a remote mentoring.

You will get our free support during the whole mentoring project. You must work independently and actively formulate questions if necessary.

We will additionally ask you to report about your problems and successes.

Local internships

We also welcome students for local internships in several organizations in Eupen. You should either live near Eupen or agree to move there for the time of the internship.

At the end of your internship you will

  • have valuable skills for working anywhere in the Free Open Source Software industry

  • have a good knowledge of the Lino applications you have been working with

  • understand why people use these applications

  • be a first choice candidate for a full-time job


  • The customers will ask the student to sign a confidentiality agreement.

  • You speak either German or French (besides English)

  • You love working with computer software and its users

  • You have your own notebook computer and Internet connection

  • You are motivated to get engaged with the Lino project

Your internship tasks

  • You will speak with end users about their problems and needs.

  • You will speak with the employers of the end users and talk about requirements, milestones and priorities.

  • You will speak with a developer to explain what they need to change in the application.

  • You will test and evaluate new versions of the application and explain the changes to the end users.

  • You will communicate with your partners as needed, using channels ranging from live on-site visits over phone calls, emails, instant messaging to remote desktop sessions.