The Lino community is made of its members.

Lino community

The group of natural or juridical persons who use the Lino framework and adhere to the rules described in this guide when collaborating with other members. Legally represented by Rumma & Ko Ltd as long as there is no Lino Software Foundation.

community member

A legal or natural person who declares adhering to the Lino community and the rules described in the community guide.

See also Lino actors.

Becoming a member

As a site operator you become a community member by entering into contract with a service provider who binds you to the rules described in the community guide.

As a service provider you become a member when the Community Board accepts your candidature.

The list of community members is not published.

The membership fee

membership fee

A fee to be paid by certain community members as a contribution to operation costs of the Lino Software Foundation.

Every site operator who runs a production site pays a membership fee.

Detailed conditions are yet to be decided.

One idea is to have a monthly base fee for site operators based on the number of database models and users. The numbers of database models and users are shown in the Site ‣ About dialog box. Your user count may be reduced to the number of end users who are actually employed by you.

Such a membership fee would be collected by the development provider or the hosting provider who forwards it to the Lino Software Foundation.

When you are asked to renew your membership fee, you may decide to leave the community and still continue using Lino without the support of the community.

The membership fee is not a license fee

A membership fee is similar to a license fee in that their sum an important item of our business model. A reliable framework requires maintenance. But there are two important strategic differences:

  • Lino is and will always remain Free Software. You may use any part of it without being a community member. You may leave the community at any moment and still continue using Lino as free software. You may even make money using Lino without being a community member. The only way of forcing you to pay your membership fee is that a recognized service provider will require you to do so as part of their contract with you.

  • The Community Board makes sure that the costs are being distributed correctly.

The community board

Community Board

A group of natural persons who decide about changes in the Community Guide. See The community board.

The Community Board decides about changes in the Community Guide, including the rules for computing and applying membership fees.

The board consists of volunteers who represent the community as a whole. There is at least one site operator and one service provider.

Each member of the board represents one or several community members.