Why Lino

Lino is for you, if…

  • you have a concrete need for a customized database application

  • you want a stable and sustainable solution

  • you are ready to invest your own time for analysis and testing

  • you want to keep control over your data even when your relationship with a given software provider breaks.

Lino is not for you, if…

  • you just want a quick and dirty website with dynamic content

  • you don’t want to spend your time into developing a new software

  • you want a cool website featuring the latest web technologies

  • you don’t plan to maintain your application

Lino’s design goals:

  • Lino applications are easy to understand for the end user (see Linked objects).

  • Lino applications are easy to develop because Lino encourage agile programming, rapid prototyping and short release cycles.

  • Lino applications are easy to maintain because Lino encourages sustainable application development.

  • Lino applications are stable as rock once you decided that they satisfy your needs. No forced upgrades.

  • Lino applications are easy to share because Lino encourages a deeply modular approach with libraries of highly reusable code.

  • Lino applications do not try to be sexy. They are optimized for people who get a few hours of training before they start using it and who will use it for their everyday work. With Lino it takes a few hours before an end user starts loving it, but that love will –hopefully– be deeper and last longer.