What is Lino?

Lino is a framework for developing customized database applications without getting locked into a proprietary vendor. It is a sustainably free software product governed and maintained by the Lino Software Foundation.

Lino is based on free software technologies like Django, React, Sencha ExtJS, Sphinx and Python.

Lino is suitable for writing complex applications. For example Lino Welfare has 155 database models in 65 plug-ins and 16 user types.

Lino is an encompassing framework because it provides back-end technologies (server, application, database), front-end technologies (JavaScript, ExtJS, React), a documentation framework and marketing models.

Lino encourages sharing: the Lino Software Foundation maintains a directory of Lino applications that can be used out of the box (by hosting providers) or by development providers (as a base for their own application).

Q: Is Lino an accounting software?

A: Accounting is just one functionality covered by Lino. And actually it isn’t even yet in production anywhere. We are testing it. People usually prefer to use some “established” software for their accounting.

Q: What’s the main function of Lino?

A: It’s a framework to write applications. Comparable to SAP. Or imagine a very generic ERP software. Here are some functions that are currently being used on Lino production sites:

  • Office functionality (contact management, group calendar, notes, tasks, …)

  • Recording contracts and agreements and print them out

  • Record and maintain customized data about people and business partners

  • Generate pdf or odt documents based on database content.

  • Upload files and manage them