Human Open Teams

A Human Open Team is a team of people acting as development provider using a set of rules and principles for their internal collaboration.

You are a human. Keep in mind that you might die at any moment. Today might be the last day of your life.

You are part of a team. That team is unique. It consists of a limited number of other humans. They need you and you need them. You are not alone.

You work for an open software project. The result of your work is being published under a permissive Free Software license. It is not your private property. Neither is it the private property of anybody else. It belongs to all humans. You agree that the team acts as the legal copyright holder of your work.

Life is more important than work. The team cannot expect you to deliver satisfying work if you have serious troubles or are not satisfied with your life. Your availability for the team varies over time.

On the other hand the team has a mission and duties towards their customers. You have a responsibility towards the team’s mission.