Roles of contract partnersΒΆ

Contracts and other business documents that refer to the Community Guide assign to each contract partner one or several of the roles described hereafter. When a contract partner assumes more than one role, he is also responsible for the communication between them.

site operator

The legal or natural person who operates a given Lino site. Owns the data stored on that site and is responsible for protecting that data against privacy issues.

The site operator designates a hosting provider, a site maintainer and an application carrier and can reassign these responsibilities at any time to another service provider.

The site operator is responsible for granting and revoking of access rights to end users as well as their training and support.

See Site operators.

hosting provider

A service provider who runs and maintains one or several Lino servers. See Hosting providers.

site maintainer

A site maintainer installs and maintains software on a given Lino site according to the requirements of its site operator.

Communicates with the site operator, the server provider and the application carrier.

Grants access to locally customized document templates to the site expert.

See The site maintainer.

application carrier

The product carrier of a given Lino application.

Plans the software product and decides about its destiny. Decides which features to add or to remove. Does strategic decisions.

Engages a product manager and an development provider.

Provides expert support service to site operators.

development provider

A service provider who provides developer services to their customers in order to help them with using a given software product. See Development providers.